Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hastings (East Sussex) street art

I am finding an increasing number of art manifestations around Hastings, perhaps following the St. Leonards mural by Banksy on a wall below the promenade.

First there was this little bird on a great splash of white paint looking as though it was leaping from a nest formed by an ivy-leaved toadflax plant in Waterworks Road.

20120522 Cymbalaria & graffiti Hastings (44)

Then I found this strange creature chalked on the pavement in Mann Street.  Is it a monster or a millipede or a fish bone? 

20120821 Mann St, Hastings (4)

Thirdly I came across this cluster of pink blackberries just outside the pedestrian tunnel leading from Bethune Way to the Queens Road area.  They have been carefully spray painted so that none of the colour appears on nearby stems and leaves - a charming and ephemeral manifestation.  Googling 'pink blackberries' produces, of course, endless web sites on Blackberry smartphones and little else.

20120828 Hastings art pink blackberries a

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