Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A trip to Derbyshire

On 17 May 2010 (our son's 35 birthday), I found myself at Chesterfield station in Derbyshire with a little time of my hands.

To my surprise I discovered a statue of George Stephenson (supposedly one of our distant relatives) of Rocket fame outside the station entrance.

20100517 Peak District 007

20100517 Peak District 008

Stephenson died in Chesterfield and is buried in the nearby churchyard at the church with its famous crooked spire.

20100517 Peak District 015

The bronze statue was erected in in 2005 to mark the opening of the new station entrance hall with a man who was so instrumental in the establishment of travel by train.

20100517 Peak District 012

I wandered psychogeographically round the precincts of the station entrance admiring the solid red brick architecture.

20100517 Peak District 013

And the intricacy of the view up Corporation Street from Crow Lane.

20100517 Peak District 016

I also enjoyed the sight and sweetly pungent smell of a flowering dwarf broom hedge (possibly Cytisus x praecox 'Allgold').

20100517 Peak District 017

Soon though I was speeding through the Derbyshire Dales countryside at its late spring best en route to East Lodge Hotel, Rowsley (near Chatsworth).

20100517 Peak District 019

20100517 Peak District 034

The teddy bear isn't mine - just part of the hotel service.

20100517 Peak District 033

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