Sunday, March 28, 2010

My almost successful arrival

My almost successful arrival in the land of evolution makes me feel a bit like Uncle Toby on Tristram Shandy and his fascination with fortifications and their technicalities.

By following my nose on this I discovered that Michael Nyman, one of the modern composers I like most, had written something called The Nose-List Song as part of a Tristram Shandy opera (still under construction).  This shed no light on evolution, but was good to listen to.

Suzan Mazur talks with Vincent Fleury of the differences between French and American (Anglo-Saxon) thinking, particularly as it relates to evolution and morphogenesis/self-organisation.  But what is Chinese, or Indian, or Australian aboriginal thinking going to contribute towards the debate?  In the latter case both animate and inanimate objects are said to have been brought into being by song.  This somehow chimes with the Music of the Spheres, the Musica Universalis of celestial motions, an idea dating back at least to the time of Pythagoras,  Why did music evolve?  Why is it so central to the human project?

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